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Fanshawe College is located in London, Ontario, Canada, only 200 kilometers away from Toronto and Detroit, Michigan. And, the world-famous Niagara Falls is just a two-hour drive from Fanshawe College. Fanshawe College is the fifth largest of Ontario’s 25 public universities and is established and managed by the Ontario government. Now there are 19,000 students, 2,100 international students, and 500 Chinese students. The school has a strong faculty of about 1,700 faculty members, and many outstanding teachers have experience studying and teaching overseas. Get Fake Fanshawe College Diploma online, buy a Fanshawe College fake degree, get Fake Fanshawe College transcript. In addition, the college has complete equipment, including 1,400 computer workstations and so on.

Department of Hospitality and Tourism: Hotel and Restaurant Management, Tourism Marketing and Operations
Department of Power Electronics: Power Engineering Technology–Power Systems, Electronic Engineering Technology, Optoelectronics (Laser) Engineering Technology, Optoelectronics
Department of Community Education: Child and Youth Worker, Early Childhood Education, Educational Assistance–Special Education Support, Social Work
Department of Computer Science: Computer Engineering Technology, Computer Network Operations, Computer Programming and Program Analysis
Department of Engineering: Architectural Engineering Technology–Architecture, Construction Technology, Electromechanical Engineering Technology, Electromechanical Technology
Department of Business and Small Business: Accounting, Business Operations – International Business, Business Operations – Sales and Marketing, Business Management – Accounting, Business Management – Personnel Management, Business Management – International Business, Business Management – Marketing, Business Management –Operation Management, Business Management–Professional Golf Management
Department of Environmental Cultivation: Environmental Management Technology – Field and Laboratory
Department of Medicine, Health and Recreation: Dental Assistants (1st and 2nd), Dental Hygiene, Dental Clinic Management, Health and Medical Promotion, Pharmacists, Recreational Program Services
Department of Horticulture and Farm Enterprise: Greenhouse Technology, Horticultural Technology
School of Management: Legal secretary (paid internship), office management – supervisor level

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