Diplomashops.com's 100% trust guarantee

We choose to be honest instead of deceiving. If we are unable to print the product you ordered, we will notify you, and if you do not want another school, we will provide a full refund immediately.
  • After choosing the document you want, please find our contact information, contact customer service to provide more real samples and details, and ask customer service for the product price. If there is no objection to the product and price, and the purchase is confirmed, please go to the process page to view the purchase process, download the form, fill in the required information, and send it to customer service.
  • If you don’t see the type of document you want, in some cases, we might be able to help you. If you have a copy of the specific document you are looking for and provide relevant information, please contact us. We can discuss your project in more detail. There is no guarantee that we can do it, and some adjustments and changes may be made to make it comply with the regulations, but of course, we can have more discussions with you.
  • We do not provide inferior products, all our products are copied 1:1 according to the original, and provide real Emblem. So when you know our price, you feel expensive, please consider the quality of the product. Sellers with cheap prices may not even be able to provide samples, and may even encounter scams. You can verify what I said.
  • Unlike other cheap sellers, we can provide samples before payment, and we can provide photos of documents before shipment.
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