How to choose UC Berkeley, UCLA, Warwick and Imperial?

I chatted with a friend from Hong Kong a while ago. I asked him how the locals would choose between ICL/LSE/HKUST Shenke. He said that we generally don’t compare like this. Everyone will “choose the place first, and then choose the school.”, or look at your own plans, no matter where you go, everyone will be “so glad”. I suddenly realized that choosing a school is nothing more than a personal choice in many cases. When I am in a good mood, I don’t need to care about the “chain of contempt” that many people care about. buy UC Berkeley diploma, buy UCLA diploma, buy Warwick diploma, buy Imperial diploma. I met an Italian girl in the WhatsApp freshman group of ICL before, from the Department of Physics. Buy US diplomas. She was admitted to Oxford and also to ICL, but she told me that she planned to study in Edinburgh because she liked Edinburgh so much 🙂 and she gave up ICL. There are also many people from Warwick/St. Andrews/some universities are not well-known in China, so I personally think that the most important thing is to have a happy life and fit your own future development.

University of California Berkeley fake diploma
University of California Berkeley fake diploma

A senior I admire Zhihu also mentioned before that when he finally decided to choose a school in the United States, he would personally choose Duke over Cornell because he likes the climate in the south. buy diplomas online. I don’t know if Kobe’s daughter abandoned Northwest and chose USC this year because of the climate.

I remember that if you want to study for a Ph.D., then the UC department is undoubtedly the case. I heard from the seniors that it is difficult for Yingben to apply for a Ph.D. in North America- – in the end, you may have to rely on CSC/self-funded Ph.D. in the UK or find a way to go to Europe (North America) The GPA system is not the same as the British degree system conversion, which makes the British branch seem very low, and there are very few opportunities for English undergraduate research, buy UC Berkeley diploma, buy UCLA diploma, buy Warwick diploma, buy Imperial diploma. I think the only convenience is to save time and strive to work early to make money hhh can also try to start from spring week It is difficult to stay and work in London, but the location of the financial center is definitely convenient; I know that both Warwick and ICL have many sw offer/summer intern/finally stay in investment banks in London The guy who works the front desk.

I don’t really know much about Warwick’s unique curriculum~ but I think that if you think carefully and think that Warwick is more suitable, I think it’s a good decision to abandon these three schools and choose Warwick) In terms of major life choices, everyone’s focus is very different.

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