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Simon Fraser University (SFU) Simon Fraser University is named after Simon Fraser, a Canadian explorer in the 19th century, and was founded in 1965. Buy fake Simon Fraser University diploma online, get fake Simon Fraser University degree. As one of the most prestigious universities in Canada, SFU has been ranked No. 1 in Canada’s comprehensive universities by Maclean Magazine for many times, and has been awarded the reputation of “Canada’s Most Valuable Comprehensive University”. ) stand together. The university covers an area of 500 hectares and has three campuses. The main campus is located on the Burnaby Mountain, about 12 kilometers east of the scenic city of Vancouver. The campus has fresh air and a first-class environment.

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The majors set by SFU are very comprehensive, including almost all popular subjects today, such as art, applied science, business, natural science, education, etc., including computer science, communication engineering, business administration, education, linguistics, psychology, etc. Departments are excellent. The school attaches great importance to multiculturalism from all over the world. International students account for nearly 20% of the total number of students, of which 60% are from China. Get fake Simon Fraser University diploma online. Since 2007, Simon Fraser University has cooperated with Zhejiang University in China to jointly offer a double degree program in computer science. After graduating from it, students can obtain a bachelor’s degree from Simon Fraser and Zhejiang University at the same time.

Simon Fraser University has three campuses, located in three different cities in the Greater Vancouver area. The main campus is located on Burnaby Hill, and most of the school’s departments are located on the Burnaby campus. The Vancouver campus is located in downtown Vancouver, where there are many high-rise buildings, and the Surrey campus is located in the city center shopping mall.

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SFU has eight colleges – School of Life Sciences, School of Science, School of Applied Sciences, School of Interactive Technology and Communication, Bidi Business School, School of Environment, School of Arts and Social Sciences, and School of Education, which can provide more than 100 majors, across The disciplines and majors involve more than 40 fields. Copy fake Simon Fraser University diploma. It ranks among the top in the world in human-computer interaction HCI, computer science, and business. It has complete facilities, including the Canadian National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics and the Banfield Ocean Research Center.

As Canada’s top research university, SFU has long been rated as the first comprehensive university in Canada by Maclean’s magazine. In the course of more than 50 years of running a school, SFU has trained 1 Pulitzer Prize winner, 3 Rhodes Scholars, and 43 academicians of the Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences. Buy Fake Walden University Diploma. Purchase fake Simon Fraser University diploma. SFU is the first member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in Canada, and it is also the first research university in Canada to be accredited by the Association of Colleges and Universities in the Northwest of the United States.

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