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Northeastern University, referred to as NU, was established in 1898. It is located in Boston, Massachusetts, in the northeastern United States. Buying Fake Northeastern University Diploma online. It is a well-known private research university in the United States and has a high reputation in the world. Northeastern University consists of 8 colleges, with 175 undergraduate majors and 227 graduate majors, and Northeastern University has more than 35 research and education centers. Bringing together elites from 122 countries around the world, it is a world leader in practical learning, interdisciplinary research and community engagement. Among its past and current faculty are several Guggenheim Fellows and an International Genius Award winner, a Democratic candidate for President of the United States and a Pulitzer Prize winner.

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Northeastern University is rated as a first-level national university by U.S. News, which represents the highest level of American universities and ranks among the top 50 American universities all year round. Get Fake Northeastern University Diploma. Northeastern University is listed as one of the most difficult colleges to admit, with an average acceptance rate of 18%. At the same time, Northeastern University was also rated as the most competitive university by U.S. News. In the U.S. News 2019 Most Innovative University Rankings, Northeastern University ranked 8th in the United States. In terms of academic research, Northeastern University ranks 18th in the world in the number of computer publications published in the past ten years.

In the rankings of Best Internship Universities and Best Internship/Employment Services published by Princeton Review, Northeastern University has ranked first in the United States for many years. In the 2020 U.S. News school-enterprise cooperation/internship rankings, Northeastern University also ranks first in the United States. Copy Fake Northeastern University Diploma online. Northeastern University students can gain rich work experience before obtaining a degree. More than 90% of undergraduates have completed at least one school-enterprise cooperation internship during their university career, and have the opportunity to cooperate with more than 3,000 employers around the world.

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Northeastern University consists of 9 colleges, 65 departments, a total of 96 majors can be awarded bachelor’s degree, 158 majors can be awarded master’s, doctoral and professional degrees, of which 125 postgraduate majors. Buy Fake UC Riverside Diploma Certificate. Northeastern University’s faculties and departments: School of Art, Media and Design, School of Business, School of Computer Information and Science, School of Engineering, School of Health Sciences, School of Professional Learning (Department of Education, English Language Center, Lovell Institute of Research, International Language Center) , School of Science, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, School of Law; in addition, elite programs, pre-med programs, and paid internship programs are also offered.

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