Graduation Season, Are You panicking? If You Don’t Get a Degree

Graduation Season, Are You panicking? If You Don’t Get a Degree. Every graduation season, we will receive many employment inquiries from undergraduate and graduate students in the United States. Today, I bring a few representative questions here, and I will answer them in a unified way based on my personal experience and what I have seen and heard. If you’re also in the midst of a graduation scare, I hope this helps.

I am about to graduate with an undergraduate degree. I don’t like scientific research, but I am afraid of not finding a job. Should I choose to continue my graduate studies or find a job?

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A: Although we provide application paperwork services and consultation for applying for US research and US universities, I would not recommend that you choose to apply for graduate programs easily unless you really like scientific research. Scientific research work is often boring and torturous. Unless you really like to study, whether it is a two-year Master’s or a four-five- or six-year Ph.D., life will be very difficult, and it is difficult to have good scientific research results. How to get a degree online? Some people feel that having a master’s or Ph.D. will help them find a job. It’s true that some jobs have these degree requirements, but these jobs are also often research jobs. And those who enjoy research and end up with a master’s or doctorate degree are often more likely to find research positions when looking for work.

Graduation Season, Are You panicking? If You Don't Get a Degree

If you’re sure you don’t like research, my advice is not to go on to graduate school because you’re afraid of getting a job. There are indeed many uncertainties in finding a job, but as long as you choose a position reasonably, actively submit your resume, wait patiently, and prepare for the interview carefully, you will definitely find a job that suits you, and start from the foundation. What are the Ways to Improve Your Education? If you are not sure whether you like scientific research or work, you can work for a period of time to get to know yourself better, and then it is not too late to apply for a graduate program when you feel that you want to go back to school for further study. One of my former lab roommates entered our lab because he thought it was easier to find a job with a master’s degree, and another classmate from another lab chose to study for a Ph.D. because he was afraid of finding a job. When they moved bricks in the laboratory, it was very painful. where to buy a degree in the USA? They were looking forward to graduation every day, the scientific research results were not good, the impression of the tutor was not good, and the whole process was very negative. If you think it’s too hard to find a job, it’s easier to get a master’s or Ph.D. and when you’re stuck in it, you’ll find that it’s not that easy. It only seems easy. No matter which path you choose, don’t avoid difficulties because you think it’s easy. When we are escaping from difficulties, we will pay too much attention to the object we are trying to escape. We just think “I want to escape!”, but neglect to see where we want to escape.

Finally, I hope that everyone can understand themselves better and move closer to the life they think is meaningful when the graduation season and new life comes.

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