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Quickly to identify FernUniversität in Hagen Diploma? buy FernUniversität in Hagen fake diplomas online, FernUniversität in Hagen fake degree, Copy FernUniversität in Hagen transcript online, buy FernUniversität in Hagen fake certificate, buy fake diplomas, buy fake degrees, buy fake transcripts, buy fake certificates, buy fake FernUniversität in Hagen bachelor degree, fake FernUniversität in Hagen Master degree, fake FernUniversität in Hagen doctor degree. buy fake diploma from German University. Hagen Distance University (FernUniversitat in Hagen, abbreviated Hagen) is a public research university in Germany. The main form of teaching in distance education. The main campus is located in Hagen, Beicain-Westphalia.

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In 1974. Hagen Distance University is one of the 88 public comprehensive universities in Germany with the right to confer doctoral degrees and is also a member of the European Union of Distance Education Universities. Although it is only a distance education university, the effectiveness of the bachelor, master, doctor and even post-doctoral education diplomas awarded by Hagen Distance University is the same as that of traditional universities. The majors taught by Hagen Distance University include: business administration, economics, mathematics, computer science, law, psychology, social science and political science, and have trained many famous alumni, including two Leibniz Prizes (the highest science in Germany) Award) winner.

The rankings of German universities issued separately are the main center for higher education (Center for Higher Education, abbreviated CHE) and German Economic Weekly (Wirtschafts Woche). Both of these rankings do not have an overall university ranking. The professional categories of CHE rankings More, Economic Weekly only has a very limited number of professional rankings.

The score below is based on CHE. There are a total of 45 majors in the CHE ranking, which are mainly scored based on the following five points, namely

Overall Study Situation (Overall Study Situation): It is the overall impression score of students on the school’s teachers

Teacher support (Teacher support): It evaluates the teaching attitude of the teachers in the school, including whether it is easy to reach the teacher, whether it is easy to interact with the teacher, whether the teacher is willing to help students, etc.

Research orientation: It evaluates whether the school’s curriculum is convenient for students to participate in research and whether there is a large amount of research content.

Work and internships (Workstations): It evaluates whether the school’s courses are in line with practice and whether there are a lot of facilities or resources to facilitate students to directly participate in practice or internships.

Reputation for academic studies and teaching: This item is based on peer surveys. fake Free University of Berlin diploma. The main purpose is to investigate the reputation and influence of the school’s teaching and academic reputation among peers. Fake FernUniversität in Hagen diploma, fake FernUniversität in Hagen degree, Copy fake FernUniversität in Hagen transcript online. German schools (the CHE ranking is not only German schools but also some German-speaking universities in Austria, Switzerland, fake Michigan State University diploma. Romania, and other countries) will survey 2 comprehensive universities and 3 applied science schools-a total of 5 -. In addition to the above five items, some majors (such as dentistry, master courses, economic sciences, etc.) will also have a sixth evaluation item, while some majors have only 4 (such as German language and literature, media science, etc.) or even 3 ( Such as history) evaluation items, the evaluation indicators will also be slightly different.

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