The Debate Over Fake Harvard University Diploma

Buy fake Harvard university diploma certificate, buy fake Harvard university degree certificate, copy fake Harvard university transcript online. buy fake diplomas, buy fake degrees, buy fake transcripts, buy fake certificates, buy fake Harvard university bachelor’s degree, fake Harvard university Master’s degree, fake Harvard university doctor degree. buy fake diplomas in the USA. In 1869, Elliott, who was only 35 years old, served as the president of Harvard University. After that, he served as the president for 40 years. He was the main general in implementing the elective system. Under his leadership and promotion, Harvard University fully implemented the elective system. By 1895, only English and modern foreign languages ​​were still compulsory courses, and the others were elective courses. Many colleges and universities in the United States have followed the footsteps of Harvard University, reducing or abolishing required courses and increasing elective courses.

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According to the requirements of the free elective system, to study for a degree, there are 16 courses for students to choose. As long as they meet the requirements, they can obtain the corresponding degree. This method breaks the fixed four-year academic system, and those with excellent grades can obtain the corresponding degree within three years, which can be called “electrifying talents”. With Elliott’s efforts, Harvard University has recruited famous scholars to teach, offering more elective courses than other universities, expanding students’ knowledge, and giving full play to their learning potential.

Elliott’s educational thought and curriculum reform had a profound impact on the development of higher education in the United States. buy Oregon State University Fake Diploma. He emphasized that colleges and universities should give students three magic weapons: one is to give students the freedom to choose their studies; There are opportunities to display their talents; the third is to transform students’ learning from passive behaviors into autonomous behaviors so that students can be liberated from dependence and subordination to teachers.

In 1909, Lowell became the principal, and he proposed a new educational reform plan on the premise of retaining the advantages of the free course selection system. Get a Fake San Diego State University Diploma. From 1914, the “centralization and distribution” system was implemented. The so-called “concentration” means that from the 16 optional courses, 6 professional courses of the department must be selected to ensure the focus; the so-called “distribution” refers to the other 6 courses from 3 different knowledge areas. Get a fake Harvard university diploma certificate, get a fake Harvard university degree certificate, get fake Harvard university transcript online. Choose two subjects each to ensure that students have a wider range of knowledge. The rest of the classes are left to the students to choose freely. This system not only ensures the depth of professional courses, but also expands the students’ horizons, and also leaves appropriate leeway for students’ personal hobbies.

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