Do American Universities Actually Prefer Female Students?

Do American universities actually prefer female students?

When it comes to gender discrimination, many people think of sons over daughters, wanting male babies to have babies, and wanting male employees for recruiting. Even the top executives of various companies and organizations are mostly male. But the male group who eats everywhere has hit a wall in the admission of famous schools…

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American University fake diploma

Equality Policy

women’s stepping stone

The policy that American colleges and universities cannot reject students for reasons of race, gender, etc. when admitting students provides opportunities for women to go to college.

In the 1980s, the ratio of male to female students in American universities was about 1:1. A few days ago, the U.S. Department of Education pointed out in a survey report that no matter large or small, public or private, four-year or five-year, the phenomenon of yin and yang decline of various universities is becoming more and more serious. Last year, women made up 67 percent of all new college students in the United States.


excellent result

The magic weapon for girls

The overwhelming victory of girls in the admissions battle is of course directly related to their outstanding academic performance and strong social activities.

As labor has shifted from physical strength to intellectual strength, the physical disadvantage of girls is no longer an obstacle to further education and employment. On the contrary, girls’ unique advantages such as carefulness and patience can play a greater role.

Harvard, for example, has roughly equal numbers of men and women, but 55 percent of women graduate with honors, compared with less than half of men. The reason is that the root cause has been formed in elementary and junior high schools.

A survey from the United States shows that starting from the fourth grade of primary school, girls do an hour more homework and watch TV for less than an hour and a half every day. . At the same time, high school girls are more willing to participate in social activities and do volunteer work. These advantages of them are in line with the educational philosophy of world-renowned schools.

Those who pursue all-around leading famous universities all hope to cultivate their own Hillary, which makes them not give up any opportunity to recruit high-quality girls, although the number of female college students has greatly exceeded that of boys. buy fake diplomas. As a result, famous European and American schools have recruited girls who they think have potential all over the world, creating equal conditions for girls when recruiting, or when boys have a slight advantage, girls are still admitted.


mature and serious

easier to integrate into society

Strong self-care ability and social activity ability are also important reasons why girls are favored by famous European and American schools.

In the middle and high school stages, most girls are becoming more and more assertive, and often consciously take the initiative to participate in various social activities to improve their leadership, organization, and communication skills. At this time, most of the boys are still full of innocence and game room. Still the only choice for many men.

In China, the vast majority of families are only children. Parents invest in their children’s education and various talent training. buy fake Monash University Transcripts. Girls have no fewer opportunities than boys. However, because of girls’ diligence, girls will be better than boys in terms of overall quality. boys.

When American universities admit new students, they do not simply look at students’ test scores. They pay more attention to students’ practical ability and practical ability, and choose “generalists”. In this comparison, girls undoubtedly have a great advantage.

When talking about the impression of admissions, Dessie Philip, director of admissions at Harford University of Pennsylvania, said: “Girls are more mature, they are more serious about their homework than boys, and they really do their best to enter colleges and universities.”

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Clark University fake diploma

math ability

Research has shown that women’s math abilities are comparable to men’s. However, because the number of women applying for university positions is still too low compared to the female population, there have been relatively few female professors at top universities. However, once women apply, their chances of being considered are high, and women are awarded tenure-track positions. The chances are also equal to or higher than that of men. The rise in the number of women in colleges and universities in recent years is evidence that women are not allowed to be men in the field of mathematics. The US “Science”, “Washington Observer” and Reuters have all reported on this.

Which schools are more favorable for girls to apply to?

The American application guidance website College Kickstart has made a very interesting list: “The list of colleges with obvious advantages for girls”. There are 37 schools on this list, no surprise. technology, engineering, and mathematics; however, also includes comprehensive universities like Boston University, American University, Clark University, Connecticut College, and the University of Oregon.

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